Measure for Delivery

Measuring Your Furniture

  • Make a note of your chosen sofa or chair’s dimensions from our website. These should be recorded in height (H), width (W) and length (L).

Measuring Your Furniture

  • Clear a space where your chosen sofa or chair is going to sit.
  • Take your measuring tape and use the dimensions that you noted above, map out an area on the floor that’s the same size. This will give you a good idea of whether or not your chosen sofa or chair will fit in the room.
  • Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where the new item will be placed.
  • Make sure all access points are unobstructed and wide enough for the desired item.


  • Before your sofa reaches your room, it’s got to go through at least one door. Open your front door as wide as possible and measure from the outer edge of the door to the inner edge of the frame.
  • If (A) is greater than the (W) measurement of your piece of furniture, then you’ll be fine.
  • If it’s not, then we may have to try carrying it through upright. Measure the height of your door frame. If (B) is greater than the (L) measurement from your sofa or chair, then it should fit with a bit of wriggling.
  • Repeat this with any internal doors that are en route remembering that radiators, shelving and light fittings can reduce clearances.
  • For apartment buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance.


  • Measure the width of your hallway at its narrowest point.
  • If this measurement (C) is wider than the (H) measurement of your piece, then it will fit easily.


  • Measure the width of your staircase at its narrowest point (D).
  • If (D) is wider than the (H) measurement of your sofa or chair, it should fit.
  • If you have a landing, measure the width (E), depth (F) and the height (G). As long as these three measurements are all greater than your (H), (L) and (W) measurements it should fit.
  • Don’t forget to consider handrails, banisters and light fixtures.


  • If you will be using an elevator to deliver the furniture, be sure to measure it as well. Measure both the height and depth of the elevator door, as well as the interior height, width, and depth. Also, measure diagonally from the bottom center of the door opening to the back ceiling. Account for handrails and lights within the elevator, as they cannot be removed.

Preparing For Your Delivery

Before our delivery team arrives, prepare your home: secure low-hanging light fixtures, remove doors if necessary, set rugs in place, move other furniture, put pets in another room, etc. Please note: we will not hoist furniture or remove windows.

During delivery, please inspect your furniture thoroughly and report any damage to our team so we can resolve the issue promptly.

If you have any doubts about dimensions, you can always call our home furnishings consultant at 302-265-3830 to ensure your new furniture will fit inside your home.


Please note that all of our furniture items are delivered in boxes. The boxes are slightly bigger than the furniture inside. If the box does not fit, then our delivery team will advise on whether they can remove the item from the box before moving it into the requested room.

Measure For Delivery Guide

Download our Measure for Delivery Guide in PDF